A Day in paris by Coco

UnknownToday Julia took us to a gourmet restaurant called Le Jaime in a quaint village in a river town. I ordered mussels and  an  Japanese sushi .Riley ordered an omelette stuffed with brie. Muffin had boeuf borginon. Julia  took us afterwards to a sorbet place, Just off the main street.It was called Crepes De Louise.Oh!So many different flavors ,From mango lassie to blackberry currant.Chefs wore white toque’s  and red and blue aprons.We sat down at a wooden table and looked at the light blue menus.I ordered raspberry with sage,So did Julia and Coco.Riley had a blueberry apple basil flavor. I looked around and sighed.The image of my mother walking father away from me,My siblings and me crying and Pushing to not freeze to death . I knew my mom would come back. Finally! The ice cream I got was a light pink with a light green sage leaf  decorated for it.Riley”s looked light bluish and a basil leaf to finish.I scooped some and let it fall into my mouth.It tasted sweet but tangy the sage brought a kick to it .Julia got up and we payed .We walked out. The sun was almost gone and the cobblestone steps clattered . The River De Seine was a cobalt blue.We got on a canoe and rowed it to the den .