Rileys adventrue into mushrooms by riley.

penguin-using-computerOh hello there! My name is Riley Connorliasins.I love to cook and do new things.I am the bravest to read War and Peace. Actually ,Lets get to the good part

So I was just doing research  on mushrooms.I got a call from my friend Pam. She is a gardener.I got into my blue overalls and grabbed a basket ,knife to take off mushrooms and my pink water bottle.Julia drove me to Le Bon Cherie, a mountain range . Pam was waiting there and we took a cable ride up to the mountain range.I was super exited because I had never seen the den from 1,678.678 ft above sea level! We went to a rocky spot and BING BAM BOOM!!!!We saw mortadella mushrooms. We had a feast of olives ,cheese and a handmade baguette.We picked the mushrooms and checked inside to make sure they were not poisonous. They were not ! We Sliced them up very thin and sautéed them with carmilzed onions and garlic . They were delicious! It was 2 pm , Time to go home! I hugged Pam and told her I would be back.Me and Julia went back to the den. I had a great time discovering new foods and I LOVE mushrooms !